RETIRED: Napier site redesigned
RETIRED: Napier Fitness web site redesigned

Okay. You’ve had your web site on the Internet for a couple of years, but you are just not getting the results you would like from it. Maybe it just doesn’t compare with your competitions’ newer sites. Perhaps it doesn’t have any functionality. Don’t look now, but it’s time to invest in a web site makeover. The reasons for re-developing your site go deeper than just a superficial cosmetic facelift. Re-designing the site will definitely freshen it up, keep it looking more current, and make it look well maintained.

Internet users are much more sophisticated now. A few years ago (a lifetime in Internet years), a so-so web presence may have been enough. But will a simple cosmetic touch-up make it more of a success?

A few factors in considering the success of your site:

FINANCIAL – Does your web site make you money? Could it make you more? Is your web site cutting your costs in any way? How quickly could you recoup the cost of redeveloping your newly improved site? What would help you get a faster Return on Investment?


RETIRED DESIGN: Fran's site was redesigned for e-commerce & sell online
RETIRED DESIGN: Fran’s site was redesigned for e-commerce & sell online

MARKET SHARE – Is it getting the majority of web traffic in your market? Do you know how to get this information? Is it getting good rankings in the search engines? Have your competitors upgraded?


DESIGN – Is the design as fresh, exciting, vibrant and engaging as your competitors? Does it represent or enhance the brand of your company? Is the design clean and look as if it were designed by a professional firm or by someone’s nephew?


USABILITY – Is it easy for the viewer to get to what they want? Does it take them where YOU want to go in one click? Navigation should allow them to get from any one point of the site to another in no more than two clicks.


ADMINISTRATION – Is it easy to update? Are there systems in place to automatically change out graphics without manual labor? Can you add news and events easily and quickly?


FUNCTIONALITY – Is the site anything more than an electronic brochure? Does it gather prospect data for you? Does it help your customers communicate better with you? Is it integrated with your day-to-day business data? Can it speed your transaction process? Does your site notify you by email when it’s time to update certain elements? Can you broadcast emails out to your database easily and quickly? Now that you have aimed a critical eye to the business and information processes on your site, you can start to think about what a make-over can do for your site. Start by asking yourself what you realistically expect your web site to accomplish. Don’t worry about the technology, focus on the business goals of the site.

Are you ready for your web site makeover?

Surf around. Use the list here to compare your site to others. If your site is more than a few years old and doesn’t meet the criteria here, it’s time to think about freshening up This Old Site.

A new design can improve your web presence a thousand fold. No matter what size your company, a well designed site can make you look as big and slick as Microsoft as easily as a badly designed site can make a multinational company look like a poorly run garage business. Maybe it is time to change that stale old site from Fried to Fresh!


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