Search Engine Optimization vs Pay Per Click advertising
Search Engine Optimization vs Pay Per Click advertising

There are two primary ways to improve your ranking with the search engines:

A.) “Organically” Fine Tune your web site and then submit it to the search engines… and hope for the best.

B.) Pay-Per-Click – Bid on select key words and “Pay-Per-Click throughs” on ads to your site. If they click on your sponsored listing and go to your site, you pay whatever your bid is. This can ‘guarantee’ top placement with the search engines. For instance, let’s say you wanted to appear in the top listings for “running shoes.” You might agree to pay 25 cents per click. If no one agrees to pay more than this, then you would be in the number one spot. If someone else later decides to pay 26 cents, then you slip into the number two position. You could then bid 27 cents and move back on top, if you wanted to.

Organic Rankings – lower cost, no guarantee, slower results

Both systems are quite a bit more complicated than they sound. Organically growing your site costs less in the long run, but is slower to get response. If done properly, optimizing will improve your rankings, but does not guarantee top placement. To fine tune your site, you need to analyze various factors the search engines look for, key words, traffic patterns in your site, quantity and quality of content, placement of key terms, your current rankings and competitors, alt tags, meta-tags, etc. Then your site needs to be systematically submitted the way each engine prefers.

Pay-Per-Click Ads – faster, more expensive, long term cost

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) requires a bit of analysis: all of the above plus… review of your key word strategy, competitive spending/bids, search counts, conversion rates (visitors who come and turn into buyers), profit per conversion, and return on investment calculations. All of this leads to a PPC strategy and budget that will give you an action plan to control your spending and results. PPC gets faster results but requires a dedicated monthly budget .

Are SEP (Search Engine Promotion) services for everyone?

No. But if the Internet is vital to your success, you may need to consider “professional help”. If you are marketing high-end services or products with exceptional mark-up, a single new purchase alone may justify the cost of SEP. Give us a call today to see if we can help your web site get the results you need.

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