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Longtail keywords can reduce your average cost per click and find viewers in the buying phase.

A keyword or keyword phrase is what you would enter into a search engine browser to find a list of websites or pages that meet that search criteria.  A broad search term would be a very simple keyword phrase such as “web design“. A long-tail or narrower search term is much more specific such as “web design experts in Charlotte  North Carolina that specialize in SEO

Broads Get More Traffic

In pay per click advertising, the broader a key term is the more likely it will get higher traffic, but will also be more expensive. People use broad terms when they are in the research phase of the buying cycle. Broad keyword phrases get much more traffic but because there is so much competition for these keywords, the bids are much higher and they’re much more expensive. They are also less likely to generate a purchase, but make up for the volume of traffic.

Longtails Cost Less, Get More Sales Per Click

When people search with longtail  keyword phrases, they are in the purchasing phase of the buying cycle and more likely to buy if they click on that ad. Also the more specific and more keywords there are in a phrase, the less it is going to cost per click. So, long-tail key phrases are cheaper, more specific, and/or more likely to generate a buy, but get much, much less traffic.

Mix It Up

Using a strategic combination of both broad terms and longtail keyword phrases in your pay per click strategy will get you both a volume of traffic and keep your average cost per click down. Metheney Consulting has experts standing by that can help you get the most from your pay per click advertising campaigns.


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