DIY Web Sites Don't SEOThere are a number of web site development companies out there (buying a lot of expensive TV ads) selling Do It Yourself web sites from their templates. The problem with these systems, while they make some very attractive (and seemingly cheap) web sites, they are not “professionally” designed. “But Paul, their designers get paid to design those templates, are they not ‘professionals’?


Professional? Really?

In my opinion (based on over 25 years of marketing experience), a professional is not just someone that gets paid for something, but performs that task in a manner that works best for the customer.

Make Sure Your New Web Site is Search Engine Optimized

For example, while some of these DIY web sites may be attractive and seemingly cheap, they are not optimized for search engines, making them essentially invisible to the search engines, and thereby making them a waste of money. To paraphrase myself “The prettiest web site in the world is worthless if no one can find it.”

These DIY web sites are mostly pictures. Search engines don’t see pictures. Invisible. They CAN see the alt tags behind the pictures, but that is just a small portion of optimizing a web site.


Hire a professional web designer that understands search engine optimization. They can design a web site that will not only be attractive, but be visible to the search engines. Will it cost more than one of these DYI sites? Probably. Take into consideration that you are paying monthly to LEASE that DIY site and a professional web designer will build your site and it is YOURS.You own it.

It May Take Time to Get Results

Yes, it is better if you have someone assist you with SEO and traffic building on a regular basis, but the DIY sites don’t contain enough textual content to optimize, their monthly fee is just to ‘rent’ the site.

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