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The Importance of Twitter , Linked In, Facebook, Email, Blogs & More!

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Social Media platforms (the venue formerly known as Web 2.0), is any electronic service that allows content to be shared mutually between people, as opposed to just being broadcast out AT people, like a web site or commercial, for instance.

  • Blogs – the social media that most closely resembles an online magazines that broadcast out information, but also allow users (with permission from the owner) to comment and contribute articles. Articles can be any size. Readers can subscribe via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to have articles or summaries sent to their email or RSS feed aggregater (such as MyYahoo!) Read more…
  • Twitter – micro blogs that broadcast headline–like social media posts limited to 140 characters. Readers “follow” (subscribe) to a Twitter feed and it gets delivered to their Twitter News Page (or mobile phone etc.) Read more…
  • Facebook – currently the king of social media in that more than a billion people are using Facebook. You accumulate “friends” and they can post to your “Wall”, add, and/or comment on pictures you posted. Corporate pages used to be called Fan Pages, and are in flux, currently called “Company Pages” or “Liked pages.” Read more…
  • Linked In – this is the Facebook for business. In this social media, individuals and companies can create profiles and post comments and updates. This is not a place for personal updates like “my dog just had puppies and here are the pictures”. Linked In is about business for business people. A great deal of posts on Linked In are about getting a job, promoting your business, or networking your business. Read more…

Social Media Platforms

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Unlike most Social Media strategists, we will not tell you that Social Media is the End All and Be All of online marketing. IF appropriate, it should have a place in your overall marketing and advertising business plan, but it is not appropriate for all business types and can be a huge time waster and detriment if not managed properly. Like every part of your marketing mix, Social Media such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Linked In, should be planned and used as tools to grow your business and make money. While the cost to use these tools is virtually nothing, they can be black holes of wasted time for some. Social Media venues should be used for:

  • Updating prospects and clients of changes or news worthy items.
  • Entertaining your readers to gain following so that you can direct them to your products and services.
  • Educating your followers to build credibility and establish yourself as a subject matter expert.
  • Generating traffic to you web site or blog .
  • Staying informed of the latest news and trends yourself by following your industry’s posts.
  • Content management tools to easily add new content t your web site or blog , which the search engines love.

social_networking_01Metheney Consulting can help you set up your Social Media accounts and customize the look and feel to match your branding and web site.
Our Marketing Group division can help with your long term needs of managing, integrating and maintaining your Social Media venues so that you spend the least amount of time and get the maximum benefit from your investment of time and money. OMG can help design a Social Media plan and calendar, schedule posts so they cross link to each other, drive traffic to your web site and even provide content for each other in a simple, easy to use interface. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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