Search Engine Optimization vs. Pay Per Click
Search Engine Optimization vs. Pay Per Click

Do I need to spend money on Pay-Per-Click? Can I just optimize my web site? The answer is: if you are doing well in a given set of keywords in the SEO organic rankings, you don’t need to bid on those keywords in the Pay-Per-Click advertising. Save the money.

What’s The Difference?

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is just fine-tuning your web site so the search engines rank it better. It’s much slower, but has a longer result. It also does not disappear as soon as you stop paying Google (or whatever search engine you are purchasing ads from).

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is bidding on select keywords, writing small ads and depending on where your ad is positioned in comparison to other ads, it drives traffic to your web site.

That Doesn’t Seem So Tough!

Obviously, there is much more to effective search engine marketing than just that. For example, in PPC, there is the long-tail strategy that gets your average cost per click (CPC) down and increases your conversion rate. You can also geographically target areas, bid on clicks based on ROI, and schedule your ads for key times. You’ll also need to craft landing pages to increase your conversions from viewers to buyers. You have to manage your daily budget, maximum bid, your Quality Score, and making your ads both compelling and discouraging to non-qualified buyers. And that’s just the top layer of PPC.
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The bottom  line is: you should probably have a combination of both. Very few companies will completely kill it in a given keyword in the organics. It is not a question of saving money. Getting your site optimized for search engines takes time and effort, which costs money (up front). Paying a search engine every time some one clicks on your ad costs money.The real question is what combination of labor, effort and advertising will get you the best Return on Investment.

Getting Help

The smartest companies get experienced search engine marketing professionals to assist in their Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimization efforts. That’s where we come in.