SEO PPC conceptsThere are hundreds of factors that go into optimizing a web site for greater rankings and more traffic. Here are just a few items to keep in mind when thinking about getting more visitors to your web site.

Submitting without fine-tuning is a complete waste of time and money. There are 55 million+ sites competing for placement. Bring your A game.

Meta-Tags are not enough. Every search engine has its own algorithms for rankings and meta-tags are just one of dozens of factors in ranking your site for a particular engine. Some (Google for example) don’t even look at the meta-tags when ranking a site.

Page Rankings – Named after Larry Page at Google is an algorithm that ranks your page or site based on the number of incoming links to it. If you have a large number of links regarding the word “albatross” you must be an expert and therefore Google will rank you higher for the keyword “albatross”.

Crawlers – some engines send spiders (robot programs) to crawl over your site and index the whole site, but on some engines we have to submit each page. Sites should be submitted one page per day until the whole site is submitted to each engine. Metheney Consulting has software that automates this process for us.

Cheap Submission Services – If it is too good to be true, it probably is. SEP (Search Engine Promotion) is a labor intensive task if done correctly. Great rankings & results are like losing weight, there are no quick fixes or miracle pills. Ask for references, what you are getting and can expect specifically, and what methods they are using.

Link Farms – web sites with nothing but links to try & beat Google’s Page Rank. Most penalize your rankings for participating.

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