website design for better ROIOnce we have driven traffic to the site, we need to convert more viewers to sales. Action items:

  1. Develop a new look and feel to create a more professional and successful brand – people respond better to corporate, (perceptually) established companies as opposed to small, home-grown businesses. The confidence level and corresponding conversion rate is higher.  The look and feel should coordinate with any off-line efforts such brochures, catalogs, postcards, logos, ads, etc. to maintain a consistent corporate identity which will burn your brand into the prospects mind more cost effectively.
  2. Design easier, more user-friendly User Interface – the viewer should be able from any spot in the site to any other page within two clicks, preferably one. This is especially true from the home page. The overall objectives are A.) Give them what they are looking for as easily as possible and B.) Get them to do what you want them to as quickly as possible. This interface should be understandable in a single glance and/or a rollover of a mouse.
  3. Develop Category-based menu structure – the product categories along the left side need to be simplified and shortened

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