If you live in the Charlotte area and are interested in Web Design, you should check out the Continuing Education class at CPCC (Central Piedmont Community College)’s “Principles of Web Design“.

When & Where Principles of Web Design is being taught

The “Principles of Web Design” class is being held at Central Piedmont Community College Levine Campus at 1201 Elizabeth Ave, Charlotte, NC 28235. It begins in January 27, 2014 and runs every Monday and Wednesday evening from 6 PM until 9 PM, to make it easier for people who have regular jobs to attend the class. The last day of the class to is March 12, 2014. They last for seven weeks and encompasses 14 three-hour sessions.

Who Should Take The Class

The class is designed for beginner and intermediate web designers and developers as part of a six phase certificate in web development at Central Piedmont Community College’s Continuing Education Program. It does help if you know your way around the computer a little bit but you don’t need to know any HTML or web design in order to take this class. it helps to live in the Charlotte area since the classes are at the Levine campus which is in South Charlotte, near the intersection of I-485 and Independence Boulevard.

If you are thinking about…

  • improving your position at your current place of employment
  • getting a new career in web design
  • or just improving your skills at your current job
  • you should check out this class.