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Good photos can add depth or perspective to a web site. Bad photos make it look amateurish.

Photos can be used for a variety of reasons on websites. They can amplify a concept showing a different perspective of a concept. For example, if you had a website page with a sad poem on it, you could use a photo of a woman crying to amplify the concept or you can show a photo of a lonely boat out to see giving a different perspective to the context of the poem. You can use a photo to make the purpose of the website obvious, or to give it depth.

A good example of that would be for a perfume website could show a product shot of the perfume making it obvious what the website is about or it could show a great photo of a couple getting closer.

High Impact

Whenever you use a photo it should be a high impact photo in other words a good photo with excellent lighting and that makes an impactful emotional impression on the viewer versus just another picture.

Photography Options: Affordable to Custom

  • Take your own photos which is the most affordable ways, but make sure that the lighting is done well and it looks as professional as possible because amateur photos make your website look amateurish.
  • Stock photography – there are plenty of sites that you can purchase photography affordably such as,, and here you will find excellent quality photography at fairly reasonable prices ranging anywhere from $80 to packages for $300 or $400.
  • Custom professional photography – having a photo shoot done can run anywhere from $1200 to tens of thousands of dollars per day but may be your only solution if your product or services are so niche that no stock photography is available for them.


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