Don't monitor PPC ads dailySometimes the client’s sales will slow down and they attribute this to a dip in their clicks from their pay per click advertising. While there is a possibility that that is the case, there can be other factors that contribute to the situation.

  • Demand for that service or product may be down for that particular time, which means that searches for those particular keywords may be lower than usual, which means their clicks or traffic to their site may be lower than usual.
  • Competitors may have reduced prices or offered specials which will impact your sales.
  • Occasionally it can be a server maintenance issue. The hosting company may be doing upgrades to the web hosting server.
  • Maybe Google (or whichever search engine) may be changing their algorithms.

  • If the time period is short, say 1 to 2 weeks, the 1st thing to do is: not panic. Any advertising is a long term strategy. It’s okay to check your pay per click advertising results every few weeks or so just to make sure you’re still on track and haven’t lost considerable position, but don’t freak out over what could be temporary slump in traffic.

Don’t Panic… Yet!

Instead of worrying about short-term lows, focus your activities on strategies that can provide long-term benefits, such as…

  • All new landing pages should be designed to elicit a sales contact or call to action. Think of it as a sales flyer online. When somebody hits this landing page, what would make them click for the sale or pick up the phone to call you to give you the opportunity to sell to them, or come to your place of business?
  • Review your competitors websites to make sure you are still competitive or that there have been no changes in the industry.
  • Don’t worry about being constantly number 1 in Google ad placement, because sometimes being number 2 is more affordable and gets nearly the same results. Think of it this way, it is very likely that the guy in the number 1 position is paying a premium per click to be there.
  • Don’t monitor your PPC ads on a daily basis! You will just make yourself crazy. This ties in with “not knee jerk reacting” to changes in your position. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!


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