Buying PPC (Pay-Per-Click) online ads... by the seat of your pants
Buying PPC (Pay-Per-Click) online ads… by the seat of your pants

In the first part of this article we discussed “pantsing” (buying Pay-Per-Click ads from Google by the seat of your pants) vs. planning. We continue with a discussion of some common mistakes and misconceptions.

Cost Averaging

“That is too expensive for that click.” And while that may be true for some clicks, you really want to concentrate on the AVERAGE CPC (Cost per Click). Yes, one click may be $8, but your average may be $.50 which means your $1000 per month budget is getting 2000 clicks (on average), not 120. Most business people don’t know how to bring down their Average CPC, so they pay a premium and feel ‘burnt’ afterwards when they get minimal results.

Long Tail Keywords

PPC: Longtail keywords chart
PPC: Longtail keywords chart

I’ve heard that some PPC specialists recommend very targeted keywords. Only buy a few. I disagree. A ‘longtail’ strategy means you develop a large list of keywords. From the broad non-specific keywords that fits your market to the very specific. The more specific they are, the cheaper they will be. The more specific they are, the more likely they are to generate a sale. BUT… the more specific they are, the less traffic they will generate. There is some science AND art to this.

Metheney Consulting can develop and implement a longtail strategy that reduces your average Cost Per Click and increase your conversions for those keywords.

Poor Landing Pages

I know a company (a guy, really) that did a pretty good job of marketing his product, wrote decent ads and was getting a fair amount of traffic to his web site. But no sales. “Why not?” his exact words.

Bottom line: he was generating traffic to his web site (which he described as “getting the job done”) but when they saw the site, they were turned off. There was no call to action. He had failed to inspire or invoke a sale by having a landing page that excites them or even satisfied their buying desire. They were more than half way sold when they clicked on the ad, but he had managed to turn them away anyway.

While most business managers have other duties than Pay Per Click advertising strategy, we specialize in helping companies get the most for their advertising dollars. By utilizing a variety of keyword techniques, customizing ads, designing sales oriented landing pages, and planning before spending, we can help you be successful with your online advertising budget.


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