Flying by the seat of your pants Search Advertising
Flying by the seat of your pants Search Advertising

In the writing world, there is a term called “pantsing” which is plotting a story as you go, or ‘by the seat of your pants’ versus planning out a PPC strategy. Most business owners ‘pants’ their Pay-Per-Click ad buys, mostly because they are not familiar with the nuances of online advertising strategies. Probably not their fault. They may be a very good caterer, or carpenter, or manufacturer, but not really a professional online advertising specialist. Hey! Don’t ask me to hammer a nail. You’ll wind up with a wall full of holes!

Fail to Plan and You Plan to Fail

Cliche, but true. It may be okay to let your fictional story organically take off in a random direction, but not your Pay Per Click advertising strategy. Before you spend the first dime with Google, you should…

  • know your expected ROI (Return On Investment)
  • plan your ad spending budget based on your ROI and estimate your traffic from that
  • have a Longtail Strategy for reducing your average CPC (Cost per Click)
  • have custom tailored Pay-Per-Click ads to match your keywords
  • have custom designed landing pages to match your Pay-Per-Click ads

Common Mistakes

Not understanding the system

Typically Google and its like do NOT want to make the ad bidding process easy. If it were, you wouldn’t waste money when you do it poorly and that extra money wasted is extra money in their pockets.

Return on Investment

While most business owners understand the concept, when it comes to online ads, it eludes them. You spend Z dollars, you should make Z times X dollars in profit. Your Return on Investment is expressed as a ratio (or percentage) of that. Any positive ROI means the more you spend (theoretically) the more money you make. The higher your positive ROI percentage, the more you make per each dollar spent. For example, a 200% ROI means you make $2 for every dollar spent, a 400% ROI means $4 etc. A very high ROI percentage means you should be spending a lot. Conversely a low ROI % means you need to be very careful with your ad spending.

With a little historical information, we can estimate your ROI, and what you should be paying per click to build your business.

To Be Continued…

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