RETIRED DESIGN: SouthEastern Retirement - multiple sites with similar skins
RETIRED DESIGN: SouthEastern Retirement – multiple sites with similar skins

Another way to freshen up your site is to have multiple “skins” created for your site. These skins are elements such as graphics, stylesheets and server side includes, that by changing a few items can change the whole appearance or color scheme of your entire site, giving it a fresh new look and can allow you to change the style and focus of your site in a flash!

Switchable Skins

Whenever you are ready for a new look and feel, just “flip the switch” and your site takes on a new look. These skins take a little longer to design and set-up, but make site changes much easier. A great example of this are blogs. Blogs use Themes that can change the look and feel of your web site in a jiffy. Metheney Consulting specializes in customizing blog themes so that you can have multiple looks and feels for your web site and change them with the click of a button.

RETIRED DESIGN: Years ago Brixx wanted changing home pages to show latest specials.
RETIRED DESIGN: Years ago Brixx Pizza wanted changing home pages to show latest specials.

Random Home Pages

Another variation on multiple skins is to create a home page graphic that randomly changes every time someone visits the page. This gives the impression that the site is active and is constantly changing. Several years ago Brixx Pizza wanted their home page art to change to reflect their various features every time you visit allowing them to feature different specials and events.

Personalized Skins

RETIRED DESIGN: Juice Plus selectable distributor skin
RETIRED DESIGN: Juice Plus selectable distributor skin

True “skins” allow users to select a look based on their login. A number of years ago, Juice Plus, an international whole food supplement company based in Memphis, TN, wanted to allow their distributors to select various theme based skins depending on their individual markets. For example, distributors could select skins that are oriented towards families, athletes, medical and science professionals, women, or the corporate, product based skin. This gives their distributors more customized sites while allowing Juice Plus to control the look and feel and content of the web site. The elements and content of the sites are all the same, but graphics, color schemes and themes vary. This theme-based skin applies throughout the whole site. Juice Plus is taking it one step further by allowing their international distributors to select which language they would like to view the site in.

Multiple Sites

Yet another way to utilize skins is with multiple web sites. SouthEastern Retirement LLC and The Maxwell Group (joint management companies) needed seven sites with similar branding and styles for non-overlapping geographic locations. We created a look and feel that worked for all seven retirement campuses. Using skins can make keeping your site easy to update and freshen. This requires additional planning BEFORE any design work gets done, but can reduce the costs in the long run. So if you have multiple sites or need to change the style or focus of your site, give us a call and let’s see how we can use web skins to keep your site fresh and updated.


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