MObile web development
Mobile web estimating is a little more involved than just throwing out a price.

I had a client ask for an estimate for a huge site and then off-handedly ask… “Oh, yeah, and throw in an estimate for making it mobile friendly too.” That’s like saying “we would like an estimate for a mansion and toss in an estimate for building a 8-bedroom guest house right next to it“.


Let’s face it, if you already have a web site and it’s not optimized for mobile devices, it’s going to take some work. A mobile web site is large undertaking but can increase your conversion rate by 500%.

  • What would mobile clients want on your site?
    • Do they need ALL the content?
    • Does it need contact forms or just a phone number and email?
  • Can you use the same content or do you need to rewrite it for mobile viewers?
  • Are your graphics scalable, able to both shrink and enlarge with minimal distortion?
  • Does your PC web site use rollover dropdown menus? How will that work on a phone or mobile device?
  • Are your telephone numbers clickable to initiate a phone call directly from the mobile device?
  • What devices are looking at your site? (See your analytics for this answer.)
  • What percentage of your traffic is mobile? (See your analytics for this answer.)
  • Do you have geolocated maps and directions on your current site?
  • Do you sell products on your current site? Do you need to do that on the mobile site?

These are just a few of the questions that may come in developing a mobile web site strategy.  A mobile web site is not just an add-on. It can be a complete site all by itself specifically designed for mobile devices or it can be a redevelopment of your current site in a Responsive Web Design that scales itself to the screen size that the viewer is using.  Either way, it is not waving a magic wand and making a complete site mobile friendly. Since Mobile traffic is closing on 50% of all web traffic, it is critical you have a mobile presence if you want to remain competitive. Contact Metheney Consulting if would like an estimate of what it take you to optimize your a site for mobile usage.


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