SEO, PPC, Social media, Email campaigns, blog customizing are all easier on a MacI do SEO, PPC, Social Media marketing, Email Campaigns, Online Marketing, as well as web design and I had recently moved back to the Light Side with Mac (as my Windows7 computers died). and discussed the Cons to the Mac. Here are some of the bright spots. (Previously on the blog…)



First, once you do the initial set-up, almost everything is there and you can work immediately. Apple’s slogan of “It’s just works.” is not BS.

Built-In Easy

  • Email: built-in. No more slave to Microsoft Outlook. It actually does somethings batter than Outlook. Syncs instantly and seamlessly with my iCloud account and phone.
  • Calendar: built-in. No more slave to Microsoft Outlook. Syncs instantly and seamlessly with my iCloud account and phone.
  • Contacts: built-in. Syncs instantly and seamlessly with my iCloud account and phone. No more slave to Microsoft.
  • OS: Easy to use and understand. Click. Opened. Click. Shut. No fighting with it. Just works. Even though it is a brand new machine, I was productive in the first hour. I can’t say that about any Windows computer.
  • Bluetooth products – link automatically as needed.
  • Everything just seems to work together seamlessly and automatically.
  • Faster productivity. More work done.

Hardware Heaven

  • 27″ HD Retina monitor, the computer is built into the monitor so my desk is more clear than ever. My Windows laptop is still cluttering up my space with USB wires, etc.
  • Built in camera for Facetime, may never use it, but no extra wires like on my desktop.
  • Built-in speaker phone – uses my Apple phone but sound and mic are in the monitor and computer speakers. Waaaaay cool!
  • Built-in Text Messaging – no need to dig out iPhone or even Apple Watch.
  • Great sound – no need for external speakers. Less wires!
  • SEO, PPC, Social media, Email campaigns, blog customizing are all easier on a MacFast – I bought the 3 terabyte Fusion drive which is part hard drive and part SSD drive but it learns what I use and automatically puts the programs and files I use most often on the faster SSD side (completely automatically). If I didn’t know better, it would be complete magic to me. It’s just easy and fast.
  • For $29, I bought an Apple DVI- Lightning adapter that allows me to use my existing DVI cable and monitor left over from my burnt out PC to have an extra 22″ monitor on the side. The Mac saw it immediately with out fussing with drivers or installation. How do you do a Heart emoji?

Software Additions:

I did have to add some software for my job. I would have had to do that with any computer, but now I have to make sure I am Mac compatible. I added…

  • Goodsync – already paid for this and they have a Mac version for syncing files between folders, drives, etc. No extra cost.
  • SEO, PPC, Social media, Email campaigns, blog customizing are all easier on a Mac

  • Firefox – Safari is built-in and ok, but Firefox syncs all my logins on all my machines. Plus it was… wait for it… free.
  • Text Wrangler – I have been using TextPad (paid) for years on a PC, and this FREE app does most of what I needed TextPad for. The Mac came with TextEdit built-in for free, but its saves stuff as an RTF doc and I need plain text for web work.
  • Office – I did install Office for Mac, but mostly because I wanted Excel and Word. I had a paid copy so it was no extra cost.
  • Quickbooks – online works with all platforms – FREE with annual subscription which I got for free with my purchased 2016 QB. No extra cost.
  • Roboform Anywhere – password software, Mac version syncs with Roboform account online, free with annual subscription, which I already had. No extra cost.
  • WebRoot Secure Everywhere – anti-virus software (which the Mac almost doesn’t need) free Mac version comes with Geek Squad tech support account for 3 machines. No extra cost.
  • Malware Bytes – anti-malware software (which the Mac almost doesn’t need), free, but I have a paid subscription, but no extra cost.
  • Dropbox – free, but I have an upgraded subscription, so no extra cost.

Web Specific Software Additions

  • Adobe CC – for Dreamweaver and Photoshop more than anything else, but my Adobe CC subscription allows for cross platform installation so it was no extra cost.
  • Filezillafree. I installed CuteFTP, which I have paid for and been using on a PC for years, but once you adjust slightly to Filezilla, it does everything I need… for free.
  • BatchRenamer – replaces Renamer in the PC and allows me to rename a lot of files at once (imagine renaming 100s of photos from your iPhone all at once). Free.
  • BBedit – this is a text editor I learned to edit HTML on back in the 90’s. It costs $49 but I may not get it after the free trial is up.

All in all, I am excited about computing again. After decades of fighting Windows and PC’s, I am now able to get more work done faster.

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