SEO, PPC, Social media, Email campaigns, blog customizing are all easier on a MacAfter two decades of being on the Dark Side, I have come back to the Light. The Metheney compuverse was about 5 different computers, mostly running Windows7 (plus a couple of Apple iPhones, Apple watches and an older iPad.). I had refused to migrate to Windows10 or even 8, no matter how insistent the pop-ups were. If we have to learn a new operating system, let’s learn a Good One. SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Campaigns, Online Marketing, & web design is just easier on a Mac. 

As any computer became economically unfeasible to fix or upgrade, I had decided to replace any deceased PC with an Apple computer. Last month, my main desktop (after nearly a decade of 24/7 usage finally died. The motherboard was actually burnt and the tech said I “was lucky it didn’t catch fire.” Add that to another ancient computer that had become too slow, in this age of superfast processors, and it was time.

This July, I purchased a customized iMac. There are ups and downs to the story.


SEO, PPC, Social media, Email campaigns, blog customizing are all easier on a MacYou can only buy a customized configuration from Apple. Not Best Buy or even the Apple Store. You have to order online from Apple. What a brilliant marketing idea! They are maintaining complete control and handle all sales except for people who want the minimal configurations you can buy in a store.

You cannot upgrade once you buy it. You heard me. Other than the RAM, all other components are HARD soldered into the motherboard making it impossible to upgrade your iMac once you custom purchase it from Apple. Once again, brilliant, in a Game of Thrones sort of way. You must buy MORE than you need now, because you can’t improve it later!

Price: I won’t kid you. It was a tad steep. But I couldn’t find a comparably equipped Windows machine (especially without going to Windows10, ugh.) I also maxed out the RAM and video RAM since I am a pretty intense user and bought the fastest chipset available. But I use a computer for the better part of 10 years so I will get my money’s worth. See above about not being able to upgrade it later, and I am a notorious upgrader so it was all or nothing NOW.

Delivery Time: because you can’t buy it in a store, you have to order it from Apple, which configures it in… wait for it… Shanghai, China. It took over a week to get it. Aaargh.

In the meantime, I borrowed every book I could from the local library about moving from a Windows machine to a MacOS. It had been almost 20 years since I used one regularly and I wanted to be up to speed as quickly as possible.

Once it got here, it took about a hour for it to set itself up. I had to do very little, but it wasn’t as instantaneous as I wanted it to be.

SEO, PPC, Social media, Email campaigns, blog customizing are all easier on a MacAnother (I’m sure planned) issue is the small keyboard. The white ‘Magic’ keyboard that comes with the iMac is pretty small (think laptop sized) and I had to squeeze my arms together like some sort of computing Velociraptor. And… it has no numeric keypad. Bad. But it and the Magic Mouse were automatically found by the built-in Bluetooth in the computer. Apple does have a keyboard (at Best Buy) you can purchase for $49. White and gorgeous, but the Apple keyboards have very little ‘action’ in them (you don’t depress them much). BUT… for $25, you can buy a Logitech Keyboard AND Mouse, which after you plugin the small dongle (two words I hate saying together), the computer finds them instantly and automatically.

While I am on the keyboard and mouse issue… The new Logitech keyboard I bought was originally designed for a Windows machine, but works fine with the Mac. You just have to use the Windows key as the Command key for the Mac.

On a Mac mouse, they only left-click, so you have to hold down the Command Key to get a right click. BUT… if you put a PC mouse on it as I did, it has the right button and the Mac automatically knows that is a right click. Problem solved.

To Be Continued…