LinkedInQuality vs. Quantity

It’s better to have great quality connections on LinkedIn than to have a large quantity of connections you don’t know. Of course, it would be best to have a large number of quality connections, but it’s better to be connected to people you know you can count on to refer you and talk well of your services or products than a large number who have never heard of you.

Use LinkedIn to Fill Up Your Schedule

Let’s say you are traveling to Boston for a week on business and have unproductive some gaps in your schedule. Use LinkedIn to find potential connections (maybe get introductions to ones who are not directly connected to) and research who is in the Boston area. Send them an email to see if you can make an appointment with them. This way you can fill up your travel schedule with productive appointments.

Use LinkedIn to Find Specific Resources

You can use LinkedIn to find very specific skills. Let’s say you need a Cold Fusion programmer for a 6 month project. You can search LinkedIn for that particular skill set and even groups that the members specialize in web data programming.

Social Media vs. Traditional Advertising

You Only Get Out of it…

What you put in. The difference between social media and traditional advertising and marketing is that in social media, you have to interact and engage to be effective. In the old days, you could just have an advertising campaign where you placed ads and commercials and waited for the phone call orders to roll in. Those days are over. Now, for companies to be competitive in the marketplace, they have to interact, be educational, informative or humorous to engage prospective customers, gain followers, and increase their influence over buying decisions.

Social media is also good for “crafting” a brand. Thousands of little social media posts can be used as little ‘chips’ to sculpt a brand over a long period of time.

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