LinkedIn.comLinkedIn, at first glance, seems to be all about getting a new job. It can be much more than that. Used properly, Linked In can be a great marketing tool for your business. Usages:

  • Marketing New Business
    • Getting information on prospects
    • Using connections for introductions to prospects
  • Resume posting and employment searching
    • Research prospective employers, managers & companies before interviewing
  • Employee searches
  • Fill up your appointment calendar on trips (see upcoming article)

How to be more successful on LinkedIn

Add value to your introduction request. When you introduce someone via LinkedIn don’t just say “Bob meet Sue, Sue meet Bob“. Add a little extra value to that introduction. Say what Bob is good at, say how Sue can help Bob, add the context of their value to each other. For example, “Bob, I thought you would be interested in meeting Sue who is a dedicated ________ specialist. You had mentioned  that your company was looking for some help in that area. She has done wonders for companies similar to yours.”

Answer questions well. Put some thought into a carefully crafted answer. Trying to help someone solve a problem as opposed to just looking for something to talk about. One of the main rules of writing his “Show, don’t tell.” That applies to social media as well. Show them how helpful you can be, just don’t tell them. That’s the difference between proving yourself an expert in certain subject matters, and an advertisement about it.

Recommend people. Go through your network and see who you feel strongly about giving good recommendations. My advice is don’t recommend someone you aren’t 100% sure will do a great job. if you recommend someone that does a bad job, it will reflect badly on you. The best way to aspirin endorsement is to give one. Write out well thought out recommendations not just  generic ones.

Consequently, the more recommendations you give, the more likely people will recommend you. You can also request recommendations from people you think will give you a goof reference.

Be proactive. Search your network and tried to find people who would be good connections to each other. And let them know you would be happy to make an introduction.

LinkedIn Groups. Find LinkedIn groups that match your customers interests and join them, but be very active.  Joining a group and doing nothing in it gets you no results.

Linked Success Part 2 coming soon…

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