Paul Metheney, SEO & online marketing consultant
Paul Metheney, SEO & online marketing consultant

Your web site pay-per-click ranking on Google is determined by the “quality score” of your ads. Part of that is determined by the amount you bid for clicks in Google Adwords, but it also is determined by the number of times your ad is clicked. For example, Google would much rather you have a $.10 ad click on 1,000 times than a $.50 add clicked on 100 times. The $.10 add makes them $100, while the $.50 add only makes them $50. So having the highest bid does not necessarily mean you will get the best ranking and pay-per-click advertising. This means that no matter how much you bid, sometimes cannot have the best ranked ad.

How can you improve your quality score?

Since you have no direct control over how many people click on your ad, your ability to improve your quality score is somewhat limited.

  • Make your ad more compelling to increase clicks
  • Make your landing pages more search engine friendly based on the keywords from your ad. This improves the relevance of your landing page to your ad.
  • Initially overbid your pay-per-click ad in order to get a a high number of clicks and a consequently, a higher ranking after you get a bunch of clicks. This is a bit more expensive and may take a bit of time, but can help. Of course, Google loves it when people drive up the bid costs for ads because they make more money.

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