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Social Media is like a cocktail party.

I often tell my Internet Marketing students to treat their Social Media like going to a cocktail party. If you go to a cocktail party and hand out business cards and say “Buy my services or products! Buy my services or products!” you will notice people shying away from you… in droves. The trick is to be ENGAGING. Interact with others, ask them questions, be humorous, be informative, be interesting. You will notice that more and more people gather around you at the party, or at the very least find you nice to be around.

Slow, But Affordable

Social Media marketing is slow. Unless you are a celebrity that has a built-in following, or there is some unusual event that attracts an inordinate amount of attention, building followers takes time. But social media usage is free, so the price is right. But social media could take you months, or even years, to build followers. The more followers you build, the more influence you have on those people’s buying habits. For example, Kim Kardashian charges $10,000.00 per Tweet because she has so many followers that a Tweet from her reaches 39 million people and some percentage will buy something just because Kim mentioned it. As of this writing, @katyperry has the most, over 80 million followers..

social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Web design, web development, email campaigns, blogsIs Social Media REALLY Free?

The accounts are free. Using it is free. But what is your time worth? I know an entrepreneur spending 3 hours per day on social media, 5 nights a week, building a customer platform. If she wants to pay herself $50.00 per hour, that’s $750.00 per week she is “spending” on social media (for you non-math majors, that’s $3,000.00 per month). Now granted, if she is doing that versus not watching (bad) TV, there really is no cost. But if she could be doing something billable or productive, is her social media really free? Now, what if what she is doing is not getting her followers, or worse, if her social media marketing IS getting her followers, but NOT influencing them to be HER customers?

Social Media professional or Facebook poster?
Social Media professional or Facebook poster?

Time for a Social Media Professional

This is where hiring a social media expert comes in to play. Yes, they will cost you money, but maybe not in comparison to what you are spending in the example above. And very likely, they will get better results than you would. But don’t just hire someone who declares them self a social media professional.

  • How long have they been doing social media marketing? (if they say longer than 2009, it’s probably BS.)
    • Is their experience comprised of posting on Facebook?
    • What successes have they had in the past?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Can they calculate your probable ROI of your social media marketing campaign?
  • Do they understand other aspects of marketing? Blog posts coordinated with Email campaigns, scheduled with social media posts; traditional marketing, direct mail marketing, etc.)

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