MailChimp Email SystemEvery business should be using an email system to reach out to prospective customers. Nothing is as cost effective. There are a number of good solutions out there, from to to

Benefits of Using an Email System vs. Outlook

A good email system will…

  • Give you Open and Clicked Reports
    • Data from these reports will allow you to data mine and surgically market to the exact interests of your recipients
    • Show a graph of your percentage of Opens, Bounces, Clicks in one screen
  • Allow recipients to unsubscribe without any effort on your part
    • Automatically removing Hard Bounces, saving you time from doing it manually
    • This makes your list cleaner and more effective,reducing sales efforts on non-buyers
  • Comply with the CANN-SPAM legislation
  • Build custom, reusable newsletters
  • Create forms on your web site to encourage subscription
  • Test your emails for how SPAMMY they look BEFORE sending them out
  • Allow you to schedule emails in advance to coordinate with blog articles and social media posts
  • Some systems have special features to get better results
    • Robly has “OpenGen” which, it will re-send it out to everyone¬† who does not open the original email (at a later date you schedule). This increases your open rate.
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Getting the Biggest Benefit from Email Campaigns

Metheney Consulting and Our Marketing Group have been working with email systems in marketing mixes for years. We can help you get the most from your email marketing campaign.

  • Methods for getting more Opens (in a recent email campaign we managed, we received 40+% Opens when the national average for that industry is only 12%)
  • Methods for Getting More Clicks (one of the purposes of your emails should be to drive traffic to your web site or blog)
  • Making Emails More Interesting to You Target Market (if it is not interesting, they won’t like it)
  • Getting More Forwards (encouraging recipients to share it with their friends and colleagues)
  • Get More Usable Marketing Intel (by data-mining the results, we can create more pinpoint campaigns to get more results i.e. sales)