Sample Web Design & Development Client Work

Left Hand Publishers web design by Metheney Consulting

Mobile-Friendly Web Site: Left Hand Publishers

Working as a marketing consultant for Left Hand Publishers, Metheney Consulting is helping them with marketing, social media, and as editorial liaison. Paul assists the publishing firm in designing books covers as well.

Metheney Consulting worked as an outsourced consultant to help design their business cards, collateral, and plan tehir marketing stratgey.

Left Hand Publishers Facebook page design by Metheney Consulting

Facebook: Left Hand Publishers

Part of the Left Hand Publishers marketing strategy is to be heavily involved in social media and to that end, Metheney Consulting designed and developed a Facebook page for them that matches the branding of their web site.

Left Hand Publishers Facebook page design by Metheney Consulting

Facebook Group: LHP

To enable the Left Hand Publisher’s authors an area to further market their works and to give another venue for readers to discover new talents, Metheney Consulting helped designed and develop a Facebook Group for Left hand Publishers that is consistent with all of their other branding.

Left Hand Publishers Twitter design by Metheney Consulting

Twitter: Left Hand Publishers

Part of the marketing plan for Left Hand Publishers is a Twitter presence, designed to match all their branding by Metheney Consulting. Metheney Consulting also helps schedule some of their social media posts weeks and months in advance to keep Left Hand’s Internet presence active.

East Coast Umbrella web site design by Metheney Consulting

Mobile-Friendly Web Site: East Coast Umbrella

East Coast Umbrella wanted a reference site that matched their catalog so they could walk their wholesale customers through products while on the phone. The site is NOT e-commerced enabled (on purpose), but is mobile and pad friendly.

Maya Shah, author web site design by Metheney Consulting

Mobile-Friendly Web Site: Maya Shah

Young Adult author, Maya Shah needed a web site to help promote her brand and her books and Metheney Consulting helped in conjunction with Left Hand Publishers. Paul K. Metheney also designed her book cover.

My Umbrella Shop web site design by Metheney Consulting

Mobile-Friendly Web Site: My Umbrella Shop needed a fresh new e-commerce site to sell their beach umbrellas and accessories. Metheney Consulting designed and developed a site that is simpler, cleaner, and responsive..

My Umbrella Shop facebook page design by Metheney Consulting

Facebook: My Umbrella Shop

Our Marketing Group, a division of Metheney Consulting, designed and developed a Facebook page for My Umbrella Shop.

My Umbrella Shop Twitter design by Metheney Consulting

Twitter: My Umbrella Shop

My Umbrella Shop, as does every business, needed a social media presence and Metheney Consulting helped designa nd implement their Twitter page to match their branding..

DCA Mobile Responsive Site

Mobile: DCA Florida-Georgia Acreage

& Georgia
land real estate firm, the Daniel Crapps Agency, needed fresh designs for their twin web sites. The nearly identical sites have a database back end for property listings, Google mapping, aerial videos from drones and are responsive to mobile devices.

Cansler Consulting lobbyist mobile friendly web site

Mobile: Cansler Consulting

Washington D.C. lobbying firm site goes mobile. The firm needed to maintain its awesome rankings on Google so it initiated a mobile-friendly web site.

Metheney Consulting mobile friendly web site

Mobile: Metheney Consulting

Besides, now being mobile friendly and responsive to mobile device sizes, the new MC web site features all new content and more links to social media. Even if Google wasn’t going to punish us, it was time to update the look and feel of our web site, so…

Uncle Sam American Flags e-commerce web site

E-Commerce: Uncle Sam American Flags

Long time client, Conder Flags, wanted a separate site to sell alternate flag products and designed and developed this e-commerce site to their design specs. They have since begun handling the updates & maintenance.

Chef's Catering web site design

Web Site: Chef’s Catering

Matthews NC catering veteran, Chef’s Catering, has been using our web services for years and a few years ago asked us to redesign their web site. The site features photos of meals as well as a full catering menu and pricing.

Eco-Plus web site design

Web Site: Eco-Plus

The Eco-Plus company had developed a new clean method for recycling and generating energy and needed a web site very quickly for their IPO launch. We were able to design, develop and deliver the site in time and it is still working today.

Our Marketing Group social media consultants and social media specialists

Social: Our Marketing Group Facebook

Our Marketing Group is a subsidiary of Metheney Consulting and we wanted to have a consistent look and feel throughout all of our social media including the web site, Facebook, and Twitter.

Cansler Consulting Twitter & Facebook

Social: Cansler Twitter & Facebook

We assist in the scheduling and development of Cansler Consulting’s Twitter and Facebook Posts. We have also customized the interfaces and helped generate followers.

Cansler Consulting: Lobbyist Mobile Web Site, web design


We assist in the maintenance, articles, SEO and updates for the blog for Cansler Consulting, a lobbying firm in Washington D.C. We help make the articles more marketable, search engine friendly, and readable.

Paul Metheney writing, teaching, reviews blog, blog customization

Blog: is a blog I created so I could write and not worry about being politically correct. I also use it to promote the classes I teach at Central Piedmont Community College and promote my fictional writing, as well as some travel & poker reviews.

American Forest Management Web Site Design

Web Site Design:

American Forest management needed an updated design to match their advancements and style in the land management industry. We continue to assist them in their web initiatives.

The Hartwell Foundation web site support

Web Support: The Hartwell Foundation web site

The Hartwell Foundation
provides financial grants and awards for achievements in bio-medical research, especially when it impacts the lives of children. Metheney Consulting provides maintenance, updates and consulting for THF.

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