Paul Metheney, Senior Consultant: web designer, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email campaign specialist Paul Metheney, President & Senior Consultant

  • 27+ years experience as a consultant in web management, marketing design, development
  • 37+ years of advertising & marketing design - collateral, ads, brochures, graphics

With an MBA from the McColl School of Business at Charlotte's Queen's University, Paul Metheney is one of those rare individuals who combines a creative advertising & marketing design background with a profound aptitude for the emerging electronic media field and business. From technical expertise to methodical project management skills, Paul is a consultant that embodies the "big picture" thinking required in today's Internet, intranet and web site design arenas.

Besides over a decade of print advertising and design, Paul created (and served as managing director for) the Electronic Media division of Paradigm Communications ((at the time, one of Florida's largest advertising agencies)) in Tampa, Florida for almost three years. His focused, goal-oriented approach to web design, implementation, and team management made the newly formed division's ROI ((Return On Investment)) more profitable than any other department at Paradigm.

Paul has been in advertising, marketing, and Internet management longer than some of his competitors have been ALIVE! (Okay...That might make him REALLY OLD! But experienced!)

Corporate Experience.

In 1997, Paul Metheney, Senior Consultant: web designer, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email campaign specialistPaul formed Metheney Consulting as well as relocating to Charlotte, NC from Tampa, FL. After a year of living on the road as an independent consultant, Metheney served as a Senior Consultant & Manager to Osprey Systems newly formed E-business Division and then as their corporate Creative Director.

Following his tenure at Osprey, Paul became a Creative Director for iXL in Charlotte working on sites such as, Digital Insurance, and Piedmont Natural Gas.

Paul left iXL in 2000 (just prior to the Internet Bubble popping) to focus on Metheney Consulting and complete his Master's degree in Business. For the next seven years, even in the middle of an Internet 'slump', Metheney Consulting doubled its revenue every year. A testament to his management skills, Metheney Consulting still thrives today, over twenty years after the Internet bubble burst and many of his competitor's companies have closed up shop.


Corrupting Impressionable Minds with Reality.
For over seven years, beside managing Metheney Consulting, Paul taught Internet development, HTML, JavaScript, and e-commerce at Charlotte's CPCC (Central Piedmont Community College) in the evenings. Many of his students went on to become Internet professionals and even teachers on the same subjects. Paul's irreverent style and real-world experience brought the cold splash of truth to the subject matter, as well as giving his students a realistic view into the world of web development and marketing. Paul retired from teaching to travel the country with his wife in an RV, talking with business owners about their online needs.


Because Sleep is Completely Overrated.
As if he wasn't busy enough, Paul initiated yet another hobby (that's sarcasm you smell.) Paul contributed for years to various sports magazines as a featured writer, writing blog content for clients, and in the past few years has turned his creative side toward writing fiction, both short stories, and novels. Defying labels, Paul dabbles in a variety of genres from horror to science fiction to southern mystery fiction. To learn more, you can follow his blog at or his Tweets at


Paul's design, technical and management skills, as well as his extensive, 'on-demand' network of creative and engineering talent, continues to make Metheney Web Design, Internet & Multimedia Consulting a powerful marketing and communications resource.


Covid is the least of your worries when you ride motorcycles.
Paul Metheney, Senior Consultant: web designer, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email campaign specialistWhen not working, or writing, Paul and his wife, Melinda, ride their Can-Am (three-wheeled) motorcycles around the country looking at sites as yet unseen. Currently they are traveling the country looking for new adventures every week.





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