About Our Marketing Group

Our Marketing Group is a subset of Metheney Consulting that delivers on-demand marketing every month and uses a monthly retainer fee to reduce your hourly marketing costs.

Many clients have found this to be a cost savings and get them better results with someone dedicated to maintaining and monitoring their online marketing efforts. Many businesses also find that they don't time to deal with or learn new marketing venues such as social media. Some that do try to handle social media on their own, do not know how to monetize and make a return on their investment of time and money. That's where OMG comes in.

Our Marketing Group is a project-oriented web design firm working as a full service, retainer-based online marketing agency!

Aimed at medium sized businesses that can't afford a full sized advertising agency, Our Marketing Group is designed to fill the void for companies that need part-time marketing services in maintaining their websites, managing their social media venues, developing graphics, and generally executing and planning their marketing strategies. The spin-off firm has been operating since 2010 and has already signed a half dozen new clients.

Our Marketing Group vs. Metheney Consulting

Our Marketing Group your part time marketing division OurMarketingGroup.com

"The difference between Metheney Consulting and Our Marketing Group is: if you need a single project, Metheney Consulting is more affordable. If you need long term help with your marketing, Our Marketing Group is much more cost effective. It's the same 30 years of marketing and management expertise, but by signing a longer term contract, we are able to give clients substantial rate discounts because it guarantees billable hours we can use to fill in around our higher rate projects. " quoted president and senior consultant, Paul Metheney. "Everybody wins. We get more billable hours (albeit at much lower rates), and they get professional marketing resulting in higher sales."

Typical tasks include optimizing clients sites for better search engine rankings, developing and executing pay per click advertising, developing CRM systems for prospect management, customizing and managing email campaigns, and scheduling a marketing plan and calendar of coordinated social media posts.

A Premier Web Design Company

Some of the best web designers and developers in U.S. provide professional web design and graphical interfaces for Metheney Consulting's clients. Recruiting former designers from the country's (former) largest web services firms, Metheney Consulting utilizes proven and dedicated Internet developers and design teams.

Experts in Adobe Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and Photoshop, these experienced web designers have demonstrated their creative ability on hundreds of web sites and multimedia projects.

Looking for more about Choosing a Web Designer ? We feel that the more you know about making the best decision, the more you will choose to work with the web designers from Metheney Consulting .

OurMarketingGroup.com , offers your medium sized business the ability to have a part-time, in-house marketing expert that can help you get more results from your web, marketing and advertising efforts while allowing you to focus on your core business. We can assist you achieve in four levels of the sales & marketing process.

SEO, PPC, marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click, web design Increasing Your Traffic

  • Search Engine Optimization - content optimizing, alt tagging, rewriting content for SEO, submitting site to search engines. Our Marketing Group can fine tune your web site to improve your rankings in the search engines which translates into more traffic which can become more sales
  • Pay Per Click Bidding Keywords & Strategy - strategy analysis, review & revision. Finding the right combination of keyword phrases that most effectively maximizing your budget and draw more traffic.
  • Pay-Per-Click Ad Development - developing intriguing and qualifying ads to both draw in more traffic, yet eliminate unqualified clicks, saving your money.
  • Smart Email Broadcasts - professional template design, managing content/linkages, formatting content, monitoring results. Designed to draw more of your customers into the site and location, informative and interesting so they don't cancel you, spam you, or ignore your emails.
  • Blog/Newsletter – design, development & updates. Matching branding of site & emails to blow/newsletter and matching content for consistency in messaging, information, specials and offers. Linking directly to products for easier sales.
  • Social Media - intelligent use of new media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others can generate additional trafffic to your site
  • Print Ads & Collateral - brand consistent traditional marketing designs (such as postcards, brochures etc.) that match your online branding at a fraction of the cost of traditional ad agenciesBack to top of page>>>

Converting More Viewers into Sales

  • More Exciting Designs - Keeping the look and feel of your web site's pages professional and exciting encourages viewers to buy
  • Results Driven Content - Creative copy writing can help excite a viewer into action and increase your rankings with the search engines
  • Linked Landing Pages - Pay Per Click ads, optimized rankings, and email broadcasts need to be linked to landing pages that immediately take the prospect to what they want to find and allows them to buy as soon and as easily as possible.
  • Updated Specials & Content - Keeping you web site fresh and active indicates a thriving business and constantly provides new reasons for return visits and specials
  • Product & Accent Photos - image optimization (for faster downloads) & placement on product and informational pages. Viewers can't touch or be close to products on the web so they need to be able to see them and get to know as much as possible. The more photographs you have of products, the more comfortable they are with buying. Also photos help break up boring text with energy and visual flair.
    • Photography – if necessary, shooting digital photos of products, or locating affordable stock photos

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SEO, PPC, marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click, web design Increasing Sales & Profitability from Existing Customers

  • Email Broadcasts - professional looking and well crafted email broadcasts are a cost effective way to draw existing customers back to your location more often.
  • Feature Upsell Products - It is easier and cheaper to increase a current sale than to generate a new one. Increase your profitability by allowing us to help upsell high margin items during current sales.
  • Marketing Consulting - Our Marketing Group can bring 25 years of marketing and Internet experience to you business to help brainstorm with you new ideas to make you more money.
  • Follow-Up Process & Tracking - a good CRM (Customer Relationship management program is invaluable. By tracking your sales and customer data, you know where you are weak and where you are making the most profit allowing you concentrate on those areas.Back to top of page>>>

General Marketing Tools & Services

  • Electronic Media - design and development for presentations such as PowerPoint’s, Flash, PDF’s
  • Marketing Consulting – brainstorming with 25 years of advertising & internet marketing experience
  • Point of Contact – advertising sales calls can be deferred and forwarded to “Our Marketing Group”, acting as a barrier between you and advertising sales calls.

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Benefits of using Our Marketing Group

OurMarketingGroup.com offers your business the ability to have a part-time, in-house marketing expert that can help you get more results from your web, marketing and advertising efforts while allowing you to focus on your core business. We can assist you achieve three levels of the sales process.

  • More Traffic to your web site & point of purchase – More traffic means more opportunity to convert viewers to buyers.
  • More Conversions to Sales – higher percentage of viewers and shoppers turned into sales.
  • More Sales from Existing Traffic – upselling and increasing profitability from current traffic and customers.
  • Simplify Your Business – Our Marketing Group allows you to focus on the rest of your business
  • Save Time – While you may be able to do some of the items mentioned here, Our Marketing Group experts can do them in a fraction of the time, saving you from having to re-learn skills and software you don’t normally use in your day-to-day operations
  • In-House Expertise – Like a regular employee, you will have access to an expert in SEO, web development, graphics, and marketing

SEO, PPC, marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click, web design More Web Site & Business Traffic

This is an easy concept: The more people that come to your store (web site/place of business), the more chance you have to sell something to them. (Even if you online goal is to build credibility or generate leads or provide information, the concept is the same.) More eyes mean more potential revenue. Our Marketing Group in Charlotte, NC can help you build your web site traffic through…

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Examples of SEO & More Web Site Traffic and how it can impact your results.

SEO, PPC, marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click, web design More Conversions to Sales

Aside from increasing your Traffic, we will help focus on getting a higher percentage of your current (and future) viewers/shoppers converted from being just window shoppers to sales. Let’s take that same example from above and say that you are currently converting about 1% of your viewers. You may be doing more or less than that. If you don’t know, we can help you track that.

The Tasks associated with Conversions are the least sexiest of our services, but by far, increasing your percentage of Conversions to Sales is the most cost effective way to dramatically impact your results. A simple raise from 1% to 2% in conversions is a 100% increase in sales from the same number of visitors!

  • Product & Accent Photos – the more people can see and learn about products and services, the more likely they are to buy
  • More Exciting Design – boring pages are Exit Pages, we can make pages engaging with calls to action
  • Results Driven Content – sometimes you need an outside eye to edit your content for marketing flair and SEO functionality as well as enticing your prospects
  • Linked Landing Pages – Creating great PPC ads or SEO rankings mean nothing if not linked to landing pages that inspire the customer to buy or contact you
  • Updated Products, Pages & Specials – out of date pages turn customers off and you don’t always have time to make changes. Example: Increased Conversion Rate = More Profit

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SEO, PPC, marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click, web design Increase Sales & Profits from Existing Customers

Many clients miss opportunities to UPSELL customers once they have already committed to a sale. Our Marketing Group will brainstorm with you on ways to increase the profitability of each sale, so that you make more from every possible sale.

There’s a cost associated with acquiring every customer. But once you have them sold, are you making the most from each one? Once they have decided to make a purchase, you more than half way there. Why not make a little extra? Our Marketing Group can assist you in making more money from each sale and each customer.

  • Email Broadcast Reminders – they have already been to your site or signed up, why not get them to come back for something they are interested in?
  • Feature Upsell Products – make it easy for customer to make impulse buys while checking out
  • Follow Up Procedures & Tracking – we can help you learn to track your customers and where your money is best being spent
  • Marketing Consulting – we can help brainstorm and inspire new and creative ways to approach your marketing from a big picture point of view down to execution
  • Collateral & Brochure Design – using printed material and traditional advertising is a great way to get current customers to return to your business or site with focused and affordable targeted marketing

Example: Increased Profitability from Each Sale

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Our Marketing Group Makes It All Possible!

Our goal is to achieve all these things as your in house marketing group. By combining the best of SEO, content and design, landing page development, focusing on high margin objectives and upselling, we can help you achieve more profitable business with less effort on your part.

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Web Design & Development Services

Web Design & Development

Designing and developing revenue oriented web sites is how Metheney Consulting got its start. Our Charlotte, NC web design team designs Internet projects that achieve measurable business objectives.

Many 'non-professional' designers don't take into account the many design factors that impact your results. Through years of experience, we know the various aspects of your web site design that will affect your revenue.

Whether you need an original site or a re-design for your existing site, Metheney Consulting can help you get the results you need. We know that GREAT web design is not about how flashy and "cool" your web site is, but how it makes or saves you money. The bottom line: does your site make you money? If not, you need to think about "Professional" Web Design. And by professional, we don't mean someone who takes money for it. We mean someone who knows about: usability, ease of navigation, color theory & typography to get desired emotional effects, flow of information to make your site compelling, and much more.

  • web design, SEO, search engine optimization, Pay Per click advertising strategy, email campaigns WEB SITE Business Objectives - Impacted by the placement of elements. Your web sites business objectives may be different from your brick and mortar business goals. For example: your web site may be focused on collecting lead data, while you store is geared toward selling your products.

  • web design, SEO, search engine optimization, Pay Per click advertising strategy, email campaigns Color Theory - How color emotionally impacts viewers to inspire certain responses or actions. Certain colors make people feel different emotions toward your brand.

  • web design, SEO, search engine optimization, Pay Per click advertising strategy, email campaigns Information Flow - How content and design draws clients from point to point in the site. Web content is "non-linear" and that can be confusing to viewers, unless a professional designer knows how to control their movement through your web site.

  • web design, SEO, search engine optimization, Pay Per click advertising strategy, email campaigns Readability - While making a site search engine friendly, it must also be HUMAN friendly. Is your text legible and high-contrast? Is it the right size for your market? Are the lines too long? If you are not asking these and a dozen questions like thee, you need some experienced help.

  • web design, SEO, search engine optimization, Pay Per click advertising strategy, email campaigns Marketability - The content must compel the viewer to perform the desired action for your web site's business goal. Is the content at the proper educational level for your market? Is your high-value prospect a college graduate and your web site reads like an elementary school primer? Is it over their heads? Is it too formal? Is there enough of it to get your point across?

  • web design, SEO, search engine optimization, Pay Per click advertising strategy, email campaignsEase of navigation - If viewers can't navigate around your site easily, they will just leave. You have about 2 seconds to capture their interest.

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E-Commerce Development

Many companies need to sell products directly online, expanding their potential market from regional to global. Metheney Consulting can help design an e-commerce solution for you from the process design to the look and feel that will get more sales.

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Blog Customization

Your blog's branding should be consistent with the style and branding of your web site and offline collateral. We can help design and customize your blog to give your prospects a consistent look and feel, which makes your brand more memorable when it comes time to buy.

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Database Integration

A back-end database can make your web site more interactive and informative to prospective customers, both publishing and collecting data.

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web design, email campaigns, social media, SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click advertising, ads, blogsMobile Web Site Design

Changes in Google require that all web sites be mobile friendly in order to not lose rankings (even non-mobile web sites). With over 50% of web viewers accessing the web through mobile devices, your site needs to be responsive (adapts to mobile screens).

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Online Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Social Media MarketingMarketing Services

Search Engine Marketing (S.E.M.) or Search Engine Promotion is the combination of Pay Per Click advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other marketing tools to get more traffic to your web site. More traffic potentially means more revenue.Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is any medium or venue that builds traffic to your web site via the search engines. When you need a company to help you search engine optimize your web site, you need a Digital Marketing Consultant. You need Metheney Consulting.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is fine-tuning your web site with the right keyword phrases so that when the search engines rank your website, you achieve higher rankings in the S.E.R.P.s (Search Engine Ranking Pages), which should equate to more revenue for your company. Fine-tuning your web site may include: analyzing keywords, editing content, re-working your code, and even designing more sales oriented landing pages.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Strategies

Our PPC advertising strategies combine the business logic of Return On Investment (ROI) with the artistic mind set of writing ads that both inspire clicks & discourage unqualified viewers, saving you money & reduce your average Cost Per Click. We are among the best Adwords and Bing paid advertising agencies in Charlotte, NC. Metheney Consulting Inc. can also assist you with setting up an affiliate program which allow other web sites to sell your products & services.

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Facebook: over 2.7 billion accounts (MAUs - Monthly Active USers). That's over a quarter of the planet Earth. Add Twitter & LinkedIn (among others) and you have the capability to expand your Internet footprint as never before. Let us help you make the most of your social media network strategy. Metheney Consulting can customize your Facebook pages, Twitter banners & graphics to give your social media marketing a consistent look and feel with the rest of your branding. We can help build your followers, which increases your influence over buyers.

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Email Campaigns

Email broadcast campaigns are one of the most cost effective ways to reach out to your potential customers in bulk. Marketing and advertising are numbers games. The more prospects you intelligently reach out to, the larger your potential pipeline. Using specialized tools and systems, Metheney Consulting can assist you in getting the most from your emails, without using spam.From years of email marketing experience, we know how to get you the most "Opens" and "Clicks", as well as design email templates that generate traffic and sales.

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Traditional Marketing & Advertising

While we specialize in Internet marketing campaigns, we can also support traditional marketing & advertising efforts such as direct mail, print collateral, and brand development. While not a full service ad agency, Metheney Consulting & Our Marketing Group can service most of your digital and offline marketing and advertising needs.

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Graphic Design

For more than three decades, Metheney Consulting has been designing brochures, postcards, logos and other offline collateral material. Let us use our expertise for your business. Anything that can make or save you money can be integrated into a web platform.

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Paul Metheney, president of Metheney Consulting, LLC, an SEO, web design, digital marketing, online, advertising agency
Contact Metheney Consulting on web site design, developing your online marketing, social media marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (Pay-Per-Click advertising), email campaigns, pay-per-click advertising strategies, web site maintenance and development, blog development, and traditional marketing consulting on a project-by-project basis or Our Marketing Group about how they can assist you monthly as a part-time marketing department, SEO specialist, PPC experts, and web designers without the full time cost. Our Marketing Group provides digital marketing services for a fraction of the cost via monthly retainers and sliding scale hourly contracts. Call or email us at

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